Audhentik is a producer, sound designer, composer and DJ from Berlin, Germany.

With a wide range from ambient over club-oriented music to avant pop productions he never loses his reference to lush atmospheres and extremly melancholic vibes.

Beside numerous own releases and remix productions for Tua (Chimperator), K-Paul (Kontor Records), Die Orsons (Universal Music), BEKA (Goldzweig/Machermuzik) and many more, Audhentik also produced a large part of the draught album „Ordeal“ by Edi (Chimperator Select) which has chosen by the Backspin Magazine to one of the best rap albums in 2016. In the same year he travelled as a support-act for Tua’s Kosmos-Tour through whole Germany.

In 2019 and 2020 he released his first solo album ‘Tristesse’, splitted in 3 EPs. The album features some vocal guests (Tua, MXP, Silvio Vincent, AINIE, Phong, Basstard) and instrumental songs aswell. ‘Tristesse’ is a very dark journey with stories about parallel societies, depressions and existential fears. It’s like a soundtrack for the cinema in your mind, made with a huge amount of synthesizers and old tape recording techniques.

In the meantime he also co-produced the Single ‘Vater’ from Tua’s no.6 Chart-Album ‘TUA’ , released a lot of ambient tunes all over his social media channels and wrote music for some different movie projects (tba).


Echt Erkennt Echt, 2019/2020

Spotify Album Playlist Spotify [Akt Eins] Spotify [Akt Zwei] Spotify [Akt Drei]

15-Track Album featuring Tua, Phong, Silvio Vincent, AINIE, MXP, Basstard

Chimperator, 2019


Chimperator, 2019


co-produced by Audhentik

Chimperator Productions, 2016

Chimperator Shop Audhentik Remix Soundcloud

Including “Keiner Sonst” Remix by Audhentik

Chimperator Select, 2016

Chimperator Shop Trailer

Album produced by Audhentik

Kallias, 2016

Audhentik Remix Soundcloud

Including Remix by Audhentik

Cue Line Records, 2017

Spotify Snippet

Cue Line Records, 2016

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Temple Studio, 2016

Spotify Soundcloud

Including Remix by Audhentik

Shadowdub, 2014


Universal Music/Chimperator Productions, 2012


Including Remix by Audhentik

Assimilate Dub, 2012


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